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信用卡安全码随时变 打击电信诈骗

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本文摘要:A credit card with a constantly changing security code is being launched in an attempt to combat fraud.英国将发售一种具备大大变化的安全性字节的信用卡,以压制诈骗不道德。


A credit card with a constantly changing security code is being launched in an attempt to combat fraud.英国将发售一种具备大大变化的安全性字节的信用卡,以压制诈骗不道德。The three numbers on the back of the card will be replaced by a digital display randomly generating a new combination every hour.这种银行卡背面的三位数字将被一个数码显示屏上每小时随机分解的新的数字人组替换。

The digital security company Oberthur Technologies is talking to UK banks about introducing the innovation and has said the cards will be used by French customers by the end of the year.数字安全性公司欧贝特科技公司正在与英国银行商谈引进这新发明者,相提并论今年年底前法国消费者将用于此种银行卡。The security code on the back of most credit and debit cards is required to make payments online.大部分信用卡和借记卡必须背面的安全性码展开在线缴纳。

Fraud in the UK involving cards, remote banking and cheques totalled £755million in 2015, with more than 20,000 victims.2015年英国牵涉到银行卡、远程银行以及支票方面的诈骗不道德总额约7.55亿英镑,受害者多达2万人。The mini-screen on the new cards is powered by a small battery designed to last three years.这种全新的银行卡上的迷你显示屏由一块小电池供电,电池的设计寿命为三年。Professor Alan Woodward, a cyber-security expert from Surrey University, said: ‘It’s surprising it has taken so long for this to appear. The technology has existed for some time so now it will be a case of persuading card processors that it is worth doing.’美国萨里大学网络安全专家艾伦伍德沃德教授回应:“奇怪的是等了这么久它才经常出现。

这一技术早已不存在有一段时间了,所以现在的问题是让银行卡专家坚信这是一件有一点做到的事。”He told the BBC: ‘It may be costly for card operators as some extra infrastructure will be required to ensure our cards stay synchronised with the operator, but it happens already for many banks with the dongles they issue for login (to online banking).’他对英国广播公司说道:“对于银行卡运营商来说这么做到成本有可能很高,因为要保证我们的银行卡与运营商维持实时将必须一些额外的基础设施,但是许多为(网上银行)指定发售加密狗的银行早已这么做到了。”One drawback of the card is that customers will no longer be able to memorise their security code and will need to check every time they want to make an online purchase.该银行卡的缺点之一是客户将无法再行忘记他们的安全性码,并且每次他们想在线购物时都必须查阅安全性码。The French banks Societe Generale and Groupe BPCE are preparing to issue the cards to customers after a pilot scheme last year. They are also being tested in Mexico and Poland.经过去年的试点方案后,法国兴业银行和法国BPCE银行集团于是以打算向客户发售该银行卡。


墨西哥和波兰也展开了这种银行卡的测试。In another development in digital security, MasterCard said this week that it has created technology that could allow online shoppers to send a ‘selfie’ of themselves to prove their identity when they make a purchase.数字安全性领域的又一进展是,万事达卡公司本周回应早已发明者了一项技术,该技术可容许在线购物者在购物时发送到个人“自拍电影”以证明其身份。It would do away with the need for passwords used as an additional level of security to the three-digit code. But passwords can be difficult to remember, stolen or intercepted.该技术将仍然必须密码作为三位数字字节的可选安全级别。

不过,密码无法记忆,容易被盗取或者被截击。MasterCard customers currently use a system called SecureCode to verify their identity while shopping online. The process can result in shoppers abandoning their purchase or having the transaction declined if they enter the password incorrectly.目前,万事达卡用户在网购时用于一个取名为安全性字节的系统验证用户身份。


如果顾客输出错误的密码,该程序可以中止出售或者拒绝接受交易。The ‘selfie’ password system involves customers downloading an app to their mobile phone and registering by taking a photo of themselves so their face is stored in the system.“自拍电影”密码系统拒绝用户在其手机里iTunes一款应用于并拍电影一张自拍电影展开登记,这样其面容就存储在系统里了。To authorise a payment they look into the camera and must verify they are not just holding up a photo of someone else. Customers will be able to use a scan of their fingerprint instead of a selfie if they prefer.为了许可缴纳,用户须要看著照相机,还必需证明他们不是意味着荐着一张别人的照片。